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USAMP Championship Retro SPZ 2 - Latitude 64 173.07g

Vendor Latitude 64
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Color: Lightcoral/Black


The SPZ 2 (aka Pirate) is a midrange with a trust understable finish. We're not sure what "SPZ 2" means, but we're thinking it stands for "Super Parked Zone" and then the number '2'. Anyone looking for a truely understable midrange that won't put up a fight, or a decent midrange roller... look no further SPZ 2 is here for you.


This is the perfect plastic blend for a player's first disc. With its great gripability it's very user-friendly and assists in performing friendly flight lines. It's also their most affordable plastic that breaks in more easily.

Latitude 64

Latitude 64 is a popular Swedish manufacturer from the small mountain of Skelleftea near the Arctic Circle and they get their name from the proximity to it. (The Arctic Circle is at 66 degrees latitude and Skelleftea is at 64 degrees latitude.)

They offer a full line of discs that appeal to both the newbiest of new players and the most ardent professionals.