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The team at Yeet Street is proud to announce the launch of our first (of many. . .perhaps?) disc, Petra. 

Why have we designed and developed a Yeet Street-branded disc? The answer is simple: we’re on a quest. Our quest is nothing short of world domination – the world of disc golf, that is! Just like Alexander the Great didn’t stop at one battle, we’re not stopping at providing more than 8,000 products in-store and online to the greatest sporting community in the universe.

What we enjoy most about selling discs and other products for the disc golf community is just that – the community.

Thousands of you are sharing with us what you love about the game and what you love about the discs you keep in your bag.

We can’t let all that sweet, sweet intel go to waste, and we’re just bold enough to think we can deliver a family of discs that: