Disc Dimensions Explained

One of the most difficult things about ordering a disc online is finding a disc that feels good in your hand.  Rest assured, we are in talks with one of the greatest scientists in the tri-state area to invent a "Remote-feel-anator" (working title) that will allow you to feel the disc through the magic of the internet.

Until then, we will try our best to give you all the information to help you make a good judgement on the disc that is right for you. This information is on the disc page in the chart that looks like this: 

Rim Depth
Inside Rim Diameter
Max Weight


Data Source

Before we get started, we should tell you where the dimensions come from. We get the data from an authoritative source, the PDGA list of approved discs.  This data is compiled by the PDGA and anything built within these specifications is considered legal for sanctioned play. 

That being said, we live in a world with a chaos problem. Like, why aren't there gelato stands on every street corner!?! Sorry... Sometimes different blends of plastic may shrink or expand in different ways during the manufacturing process and each disc may vary a bit within tolerances. This variation is typically evident in a slightly taller or shorter height at the center point of the flight plate, even between two instances of the same mold.

To capture this variance, we invented our own tool to measure the "Dominess" of an individual disc. We measure each disc and capture that information as well on the product page. 

Width Dimensions

 The Diameter is the measurement of the disc from one edge of the disc to the other.  We're not breaking any new ground here.  

The Inside Rim Diameter is the distance between the opposite points on the underside of the disc where the near-vertical inner rim meets the bottom of the horizontal flight plate.  This is needlessly wordy, when you can just look at the picture above.


Height Dimensions

 The Height is the distance between the bottom of the disc vertical to the top of the center point on the flight plate. Again, this is pretty simple geometry. 

The Rim Depth is the vertical measurement between the bottom edge of the disc to the point where the near-vertical inner rim meets the bottom of the horizontal flight plate.  A picture is worth a thousand words... See above.


 The Dominess is a simplified measure of the vertical raise from the top of the flight plate at the point above the point where the near-vertical inner rim meets the bottom of the horizontal flight plate, and the height of the disc at the center.  This measurement is put into our super secret algorithm to spit out an index value between -1 and 3.  Any disc measuring a 0 is perfectly flat between the two points.  A puddle-top disc would be a -1. The center is below the height near the edge.  From 1 to 3, these are higher in the center to increasing levels. 

The Dominess affects the comfort in the hand, on a very personal level.  As you get your hands on more discs of various dominess, you will develop opinions that we will be glad to support.