Who Are We?

One of the best benefits of the pandemic was rediscovering the TV show Emergency! on Netflix while we recuperated from having contracted COVID-19. How did we get it? Well, we'll spare you the details and say don't go around licking doorknobs in Brooklyn.

But, probably the best benefit was how we - Andy Joslin and Marc Moore - came to appreciate the game that we all love and brought you here today.  We had a lifelong dream that started last summer to open up a shop that would not only earn us Breaking Bad storage unit stacks of cash, but would also be fun and bring us joy. 
Marc has a background in direct response advertising, web sales, and search engine marketing so it only made sense that he would be the Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Purchasing Officer.
Andy doubles as a software developer for a large computer technology company so it only made sense that he would become the Chief Technology Officer, the Chief Warehouse Officer, the Chief Operations Officer, the Chief Information Officer, the Chief Disc Sniffing Officer (don't ask), and the Chief Box Breakdowner. Oh, and he's the ombudsman. We think. We're not really sure what that means.
The CEO's are clearly our wives - Sara and Becky. And, for some reason we can NOT understand, they demanded to keep the books. Whatever.

Now you know who we are... "Why Us?"

So, why should you buy from Yeet Street Discs instead of the other 65,000 disc companies? The answer's simple: we have the coolest name. Sure we were going to go by other names: Disc-y Business, RiDISCulous Sports, Huck Me? Huck You! Sports. But, we think we landed on the best name. Possibly ever. In the history of corporate America. Suck it, Nike.
There are other, slightly less valuable reasons why you should choose to buy from us:
  • We take a picture that includes the weight on a scale of each and every disc.
  • We rate all of our discs on our proprietary Dominess Scale (aka, the Doman Numeral Scale) so you know if you're getting a puddletop or an ant hill of a disc.
  • We are a local small business that puts time and effort into growing the sport of disc golf in our community and through sponsoring disc golf-related charities across the globe, like Zambia.
  • We have over 8,000 discs from all the major brands in stock and it continues to grow each month.
  • Probably something else we forgot.
  • We are pretty good at making lists with odd-numbers of items in them. 
If you ever find yourself in or around the Triangle area (so named because the area was formerly named Isosceles but no one was sure how to pronounce it) of North Carolina feel free to stop in and say howdy.