2024 Yeet Street Ace Chase Space Race

2024 Yeet Street Ace Chase Space Race

Let the Ace Chases begin! This January 12th, participants will have double the chance to make ace runs in this exciting 2-disc Space Race sponsored by MVP at Kentwood Disc Golf Course in Raleigh!

Each player will receive a Total Eclipse Paradox and a Total Eclipse Envy and will only be able to use those two discs. But, they will be able to throw each disc on each hole! Points are awarded by how much metal the players hit:

  • Hit Band or Cage - 1 pt
  • Hit Chains - 3 pts
  • Hit an Ace - 5 pts

Whoever has the most points at the end of the round will receive a prize pack!

And don't worry, if you ace but don't win there will be consolation prizes!


Sign up today HERE!