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Will Schusterick 500 H3 V2 - Prodigy 177.21g

Vendor Prodigy
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Color: Purple/Purple


Is the H3 V2 a droid out of Star Wars or a disc by Prodigy? What if we said it was BOTH?!? OK, it's not a droid, but it is the lastest version of a hybrid driver offered by Prodigy. Built on the slickness of the original H3, this version has had a body upgrade.

Like the original H3, this mold is stable to slightly overstable, but has a slightly shallower rim depth, offering an easier grip, and an updated outside rim that allows for a consistent, yet faster flight with more glide.

Rim Depth
Inside Rim Diameter
Max Weight


They say good things come to those who wait, and that's true with Prodigy's 500 plastic. It was in development for quite some time and was based on player feedback. It has a stiffer, less gummy feel than 400 plastic which provides an extremely confident grip on the flight plate, balancing just the right amount of flex and firmness, with a very solid feeling rim.


Prodigy was founded on the idea to constantly inject innovation into the sport. Their original mission was to develop a more consistent range of discs no matter if they were thrown by seasoned veterans - like their founders - or those new to the game. Longer flight and improved accuracy is their main focus as they developed their full line of discs.

In 2013 they introduced a line of discs to the toughest audience they could think of - the highest ranked players in the world. And the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. We still can't believe that our invitation to the introduction was lost in the mail. At least, that's what they told us.