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α-Solid Hydrogen - Løft Discs 173.85g

Vendor Løft Discs
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Color: Teal/Blue


Hoo boy. Have we been waiting for a disc like this. Low speed arm? Check. Need all the help we can get to get something to go straight? Check. In a durable plastic so it can withstand our first available tree crashes? Check!

The flight of the Hydrogen is something else. Being that it's a very low speed disc, it can hold an anhyzer line easily without turning over nor flattening out. Likewise, on a hyzer, it will hold the line without flipping up or hyzering too hard. Throw it flat, and it will go straighter than any other disc you have ever thrown!

Rim Depth
Inside Rim Diameter
Max Weight


The α-Solid plastic is the most durable plastic used by Løft Discs. It offers excellent grip for driving purposes, while having a medium stiffness and a shiny surface finish. The line of Hydrogen putters made with α-Solid is perfect for driving and throwing.

Løft Discs

Proving once again that Northern Europe may be ground central for disc golf innovation, Denmark's Løft Discs started cranking out ideas about what would constitute the straightest flying putter during the summer of 2020. Through half a year of collaboration with Kastaplast on his bachelor's project in mechanical engineering, founder Niels Sørensen developed the beginning of what today is our flight path simulator. With the assistance of good friend, economist and founder, Asger Sandahl, they succeeded in actually simulating flight paths of discs in 3D. This sparked the idea of using the tool to develop discs, instead of relying solely on assumptions and experience. And, not too much time later, the Hydrogen putter was born.